Our principle products are listed below. If you have specialised software requirements then please contact us and we may well be able to provide a solution.

For nearly 20 years we have been designing specialised software. During this time we have built a reputation for the quality and reliability of our products and support, and for innovation in meeting the needs of our customers.

We have also provided electronic and microprocessor design services for a range of applications including aviation systems, hospital equipment and military training simulators.

Since the 1980's, our scheduling and automation software became a leading product - used world-wide by broadcasters and telecommunications providers including Arqiva in the UK and Verizon in the US. More recently, our software has encompassed the Internet with online conference registration, online training modules, and media management and distribution.

Routing and automation solutions for broadcast and telecommunications.
Online registration and conference management.
Distribution, play-out and management of advertising material.
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