Distribution, play-out and management  
 of advertising material.

iView is an integrated suite of applications that can be used to manage and play advertising material and other multimedia content. Modules can be combined to provide a cost-effective solution for simple single site use through to enterprise-wide management.

Material can be displayed on single monitors or kiosks, or distributed to multiple screens throughout a site.

iView Standard Version
The standard version gives repeated play-out of material by looping through a simple play list.

  • The play list can be manually created or updated from a CD
  • A player can be assigned a channel number and the play list can be automatically updated via the Internet
  • Almost immediate updating of material and play lists with a suitable connection such as broadband
  • The option for users to add locally produced material on site
  • Multiple media types such as MPEG, Flash and PowerPoint presentation can be displayed
  • Reporting of material played and any errors encountered

iView Enterprise version
The enterprise version includes the facilities of the standard version plus additional functionality. This provides for the efficient management of multiple advertisers and groups of sites, as well as the capability for more precisely targeted advertising.

  • Time, date and day of week control of media play-out
  • Target individual sites or groups of sites
  • Automatic creation of play-lists from advertiser's requirements
  • Comprehensive reporting facilities
  • Management of billing

Interactive Feedback
The display system can be combined with input devices such as touch screens to provide user feedback. This can be used to provide features such as information requests or competition entries.

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