Routing and automation solutions
   for broadcast and telecommunications.
  • Scheduling and automation
  • Customer controlled switching
  • Multi-site, multi-user capabilities
  • Secure and controlled virtual networks

Intertech's SwitchPro software is a suite of applications for use by video service providers and broadcasters.

For video service providers, the security features make it particularly applicable to situations where many different users need to access a system for their own private routing of video or information.

For broadcasters, it provides comprehensive facilities for the scheduling and play-out of program material and commercials, plus the control of video sources such as VCR's and digital video stores. Multiple sites can be centrally controlled.

Secure and Controlled Customer Access
The SwitchPro software can be configured to allow customers to securely access a service provider's network. They can then directly carry out scheduling and control on their own private virtual network and also connect to ports on other user's networks by mutual agreement.

Comprehensive User Access Security
User groups can be created in which rights can be assigned defining the channels and equipment that users can control.

Other facilities can also be assigned rights, such as the ability to create schedule events, configure devices, set port lockouts etc.

Global Access
With access possible by local or wide area networks, dial-up connection, Internet or intranet, the software can support diverse requirements. Users anywhere on the network can access and control multiple sites at dispersed locations.

Automatic Tie-line Management
Signals can be automatically routed through tie lines. This enables single takes or scheduled events to connect ports on different routers at multiple locations. It can also be used to provide facilities such as automatic format conversion.

There is automatic route optimisation, and look-ahead for tie line oversuse.

Powerful Scheduling Facilities
Powerful, yet simple to use scheduling tools are included. Combined with a library system, this enables events to be scheduled for single or repeated execution. Real-time display of event status is provided, along with on-screen warnings if faults occur or operator intervention is required. Facilities for triggering by GPI inputs or operator control enable use for commercial insertion.

Scalable Solutions
The modular design of the system allows easy adaptation as your requirements change. It can begin at simple single site control, and expand to multi-site control and scheduling, adding sophisticated access control and reporting, as necessary.

Reliable and Robust
The software has an excellent record for reliability and is used in mission critical 24/7 systems around the world.

Dual redundancy options are available for varying degrees of duplication in the system, allowing for fully dual redundant configurations to give continued operation in event of equipment failure.

Reports of switches, scheduled events and other information can be generated and exported to Excel or Pdf files.

A Complete Service
In conjunction with partner companies, a complete integrated hardware and software system with full support can be provided.

We have experience in controlling many different types of routers so legacy equipment can usually be supported.

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